Be The Best Guest

Be The Best Guest

Hosting an event takes a lot of planning, preparation, and execution.

The event can be as simple as a casual afternoon tea with friends or something more substantial and formal like a large dinner party or holiday event. The best part of any event is being invited! A hostess gift is the perfect way to show your appreciation for not only making the invite list, but also to acknowledge the thoughtfulness of the host.

The best hostess gifts are items that a host can use when entertaining guests. A hostess gift does not have to be flashy or expensive. It can be as simple as a set of cocktail napkins or a jar of your favorite preserves. It can also be a more elaborate item like a wine decanter or a pair of hand-blown wine glasses. Either way you wish to thank your host, Saint Goose has an abundance of gifting options.

Is a bottle of wine an acceptable hostess gift? Absolutely! Bringing a bottle of your favorite wine or spirit is a great way to show your appreciation. Let your host know that this bottle is for them to enjoy on another night, so they will not feel pressured to open it that evening. More than likely, they will have planned their menu and wine pairings in advance and your favorite bottle may not compliment their menu.

Hostess gifts are a thoughtful way to express your gratitude and will be much appreciated.

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