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Moschofilero is a grape with purple/pink skin that imparts a pale copper color and seductive aromatics when it goes through a quick maceration. The Troupis family might be the only ones who make Moschofilero into Rosé, and we're happy they're willing to use a portion of their 20 acres in Arcadia (Peloponnese) for this liter quaffer. The grapes are selected from a single vineyard at their aromatic peak. A combination of traditional and modern winemaking methods is applied to release the full aromatic and taste potential of the Moschofilero. Medium-bodied and dry, the wine is also aromatic and crisp, due to stainless-steel fermentation. Marzipan on the nose, while the palate shows herbs and red berries. The floral, citrus-peel finish is very refreshing.