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Does your event need wine or spirits? Well, of course it does! Let us come to you.

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Need a sommelier who knows the perfect taste for any occasion? Want the perfect parting gifts for your guests at your corporate meeting? We love all things wine, whiskey, spirits and cigars and are ready to help.

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Event Offerings

Do you love Saint Goose events and classes? Have Saint Goose come to you! We offer a wide variety of classes that we can teach at your home, office, or event space. The classes range from entry level Five Elements of Wine to the nerdy dirty Soil Types classes. Classes start at $45 per person and go up from there, plus the cost of wine. We provide the glassware, tasting place mats and tasting cards. All you and your guests have to do is show up and be ready to sip and learn! Below is our menu of classes, if you’re looking for something that isn’t on the list, just ask! We can usually make it all happen. Need charcuterie for your class? No problem; it can be provided at an additional cost.

Five Elements of Wine

We are starting with the basics. Wine is divided into five fundamental elements. This class will take you through each of the elements, how to identify them on your palate, and how to describe them when tasting through various bottles. We’ll also learn how to pair each element with different snacks and meals!

Wine 101

Welcome to Wine 101! This is the class for those who are looking to start their wine education journey. Together we will learn where wine is most popularly grown and made. We will show you how to properly taste wine, and we will go through a plethora of fun facts about the most popular types of grapes. Lastly, you will taste through these wines and be able to identify their aromas and flavor profiles!

The Full Monty

In this class, we will taste through everything Saint Goose has to offer. Enjoy a tour of our favorite wines, whiskeys, and spirits. We will dip into the old and new world of wine and the always delicious world of whisk(e)y. We start with a signature cocktail along with a brief tutorial on how to make it. Then onto an immersive wine and whiskey tasting tailored to what you crave. Perfect for those who know what they like and want to go deeper.

Sip Craft

Want to do an at home craft night? We will bring you and your guests a craft and taste through a hand selected batch of delicious wines. Great for book club, gals night in, and birthday parties!

Country Crash Course

You pick the country or region and we will give you an in-depth tour of the wine and food pairings. Perfect for those who are about to travel or are wanting to expand their ever growing palate.

Nerdy + Dirty

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? When it comes to wine, the dirt it is grown in makes all the difference. In this class we will taste through a handful of wines with different soil types to examine how it changes the flavor profile and structure.

Wine Around the World

You pick the grape and we show you where it is grown! Perfect for those who want to learn more about a specific type of grape. See the difference in Pinot Noir around the world. Where does Sauvignon Blanc taste the most green? The world is your oyster.

Bubbles and Doughnuts

This is a crowd favorite! Sip through a handful of bubbles, learn how each type is made, and discover that doughnuts truly are the perfect pairing. Doughnuts are provided from local bakeries. Ideal for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or brunch.

Patio Pounders

Looking to party but also learn a little? Do we have the class for you! Get ready to drink through the most gulpable wines that Saint Goose offers. Join us for a class that is filled with spring and summer favorites and learn what makes them so delightful. Perfect for an afternoon luncheon, pre-gaming for a night out, or any given taco Tuesday.