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Between the towns of Turin and Ivrea, lies Cieck, where they cultivate 13 hectares of vineyards, almost all Erbaluce, an ancient white grape variety native to the Canavese district. What makes this area special is the use of the “pergola” vine training system, which creates large canopies in the vineyard. The estate was established in 1985, just a few kilometres from San Giorgio, in Aglié. Erbaluce, when interpreted in its essence and in its purest expression, brings all of the minerality and freshness of the Canavese terroir. It comes from a selection of grapes from different estate-owned vineyards. Domenico Caretto is the agronomist, and he takes care of the vineyards and the cellar; Lia Falconieri handles administration, the commercial side of things, and communication; Remo Falconieri, the founder of the estate, “the Archimedes of bubbly” as christened by Carlin Petrini. At the age of 80-plus, he’s the first to arrive in the cellar every morning, at 8 o’clock.