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Damijan Podversic's Malvasia is without a shadow of a doubt one of the deepest and most exciting Italian white wines of all, the result of the interpretation of a vine-dresser of immense talent. Damijan Podversic is the absolute master of the Slovenian Collio, capable like few others of interpreting a land with such a vocation in such a clear and definitive way. A pupil of an authentic legend such as Josko Gravner and a convinced supporter of maceration on the skins for white wines, one cannot help but recognize Damijan's almost unique and recognizable stylistic completeness. He is dedicated to the full ripening of the grapes, which allows him to obtain wines that are rich and persuasive, but at the same time not lacking in acidity and saltiness. Universal wines that unite neophytes and enthusiasts, as only the greatest bottles can do.