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Within the last 5 years, the name Frank Cornelissen has become synonymous with the natural wine movement in Italy. It seems like these days the allocation for his wines is highly anticipated and is almost impossible to keep on the shelf. The estate was first established back in 2001 when the area of Mount Etna was still a misunderstood region for wine. The Cornelissen estate is located especially in the Northern valley of the active volcano. This valley is known as Contrada or “Contrade” as the locals call it today and is recognized for producing the highest quality single-vineyard crus. Cornelissen is noted for producing several small parcels of single-vineyard site wines and for his intricate farming style. Almost all the vineyards use the Albarello training system and have a combination of new and old planted ungrafted vines. He works naturally and only uses sulfur when necessary and to a minimal extent.